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Curious cat: It was plumb until a few years ago when they rebranded (1 year ago)

paulayres: oh - have just seen that previous correspondents have brought this up! (1 year ago)

paulayres: very enjoyable - if I may be pedantic, it's Victoria Plum (not Plumb) - sure, it's a pun on plumbing - but the company doesn't use the silent b (1 year ago)

Curious cat: A grid the way it should be done. Loved it! (1 year ago)

Wiz: I thought the same to be honest but have discovered it has something to with bathrooms etc. (1 year ago)

Dante: Enjoyed the grid. But shouldn't 'plumb' read 'plum'? (1 year ago)

HADBS: Enjoyed this one (1 year ago)