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Bowie: Enjoyed it thank you... Perhaps a little more liberal with the permitted answerss (1 year ago)

Curious cat: One very tough to spot group in there, but a most enjoyable grid (1 year ago)

Uncstebah: Apologies for "standing" being accepted for the containers group. I don't know why that is happening.
Can't agree that "tun" is obscure. It is quite a common term in many industries.
Cannot accept soup for the stew dishes. Neither cassoulet or ragout can ever be classed as soups. (1 year ago)

EJG: good one. Tun is not obscure... e.g. pubs called the 3 Tuns - it's a barrel size. and, to be fair, the only soup in there is bouillabaise.
(1 year ago)

DT Suzuki: "Standing" is an accepted answer for the containers group. "Tun" is too obscure. "Soup" should be accepted for the Stew Dishes. (1 year ago)