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Hugh Jars: An upside down exclamation mark is an i - I think you meant an exclamation mark. Classic example of McKean's law there. (4 months ago)

aldo: I though Pink had an upside down exclamation mark instead of an i. (4 months ago)

Jime: Technical term is mononymous. Good grid. (4 months ago)

Gunner: Wishing more grids were like this one.
Only put in "musicians" for the second one but it was accepted. Nice to see some gridders actually thinking about the different ways players will phrase their connection and not egotistically sticking to the connection they (the submitter) have in their head. (4 months ago)

Spengler: I agree - great grid

didn't score a point till connections grouped (4 months ago)

TimS: Got the Diamond & Prince groups fairly quickly, The other 2 not so.
Very good grid
(4 months ago)

barry: not my subjects. But seeing answers was quite good. (4 months ago)