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John: Needs one or two red herrings, and you CAN'T have the same thing in there twice. Acrylic would work as a red herring if it were only there once.
Also, suede is not a fabric. It's a type of leather. (1 week, 4 days ago)

JD: I think the two Acrylics actually made it easier: two meanings for the word and both are answers. I enjoyed it though. Thanks! (1 week, 4 days ago)

Bearcules: This was ok, didn't overly enjoy it. Liked the Wizard of Oz clue though which I got late. Got 7/10. (1 week, 4 days ago)

Weatherwax: Ah, apologies re: the double acrylic! Totally unintentional mistyping on my part. One of those was supposed to be rayon. No way go back and fix it unfortunately. (1 week, 4 days ago)

malcolm: Agree with can re two answers being the same and it didn't accept 'paint' for 'types of paint' (1 week, 5 days ago)

cjn102: I liked this - particularly the wizard of oz connection which I saw very late and was the key to solving the wall for me! The only issue is I’m not sure it works having the same answer in two different groups - I don’t think the website will recognise they are the same and will need you to pick the ‘correct’ version for each group. (1 week, 5 days ago)