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Enjoyable and informative grid. Keep up the good work.
(9 years, 8 months ago)

A little too esoteric.
(9 years, 8 months ago)

R Don
Agree - a bit whacky but a toughie as well. Keep on sending them in.
(9 years, 8 months ago)

Not bad. Pretty esoteric indeed, but at least it wasn't a rehash, an inane set of Eurovision runner-ups, or some asinine list of 16... celebrities, gumball flavors, inuit words for snow, etc...

(9 years, 8 months ago)

This was good, I was on the right lines for all of them, just didn\'t kmow enough!
(9 years, 8 months ago)

Hard, indeed very hard, indeed, can a grid be too hard?
(9 years, 8 months ago)

I got this with 4 seconds to go, but I think I was lucky. Loved the geometric shapes category.
(9 years, 8 months ago)

wing commander
i say, has anyone seen my spitfire!!!!!
(9 years, 7 months ago)

Mr Big
This completely defeated me, but I appreciated its quality.
(9 years, 7 months ago)

too far out for me never got started
(5 years, 2 months ago)