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Marakenny: Really good grid, well thought out and enjoyed it immensely (1 week, 3 days ago)

Umar Siddiqui: excellent grid (1 month, 2 weeks ago)

Arabesque: Thanks, guys :-). (8 years, 10 months ago)

op: really good grid (9 years ago)

aparichit: Excellent red herrings ... good stuff (9 years ago)

fishface: good and easy
(9 years ago)

cryptoid: Good man! (9 years ago)

cryptoid: (9 years ago)

Timmy: I liked this grid because I didn't figure out the last connection so left the box blank, but it marked me right anyway.

Ten points for Timmy! (9 years ago)

Mr Small: very good grid - liked it a lot... (9 years ago)

Mr Big: Enjoyed this. (9 years ago)

anon: excellent (9 years ago)