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[SPOILERS] Though the distinction between them was clear, having two categories composed of plants seems... odd. Unfitting. Both sets involving "Christmas" is a little less of an issue, I guess because there's leeway in wordplay for getting cute. Festive, though!
(1 year, 10 months ago)

Hmmmm.......... Didn't quite work but some nice ideas.
(1 year, 10 months ago)

Like the ideas, but don't know why 'types of plant' for the first category wasn't accepted. The given answer very unlikely to be guessed!
(1 year, 10 months ago)

(1 year, 10 months ago)

Angie T
Definitely festive and some nice ideas. Perhaps falls down on having 9 examples of one of your links meaning there are too many viable answers.
(1 year, 10 months ago)