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Trough and Plough don't really work in that group for me... not common terms.
(1 year, 10 months ago)

Well, we don't tend to cultivate land with horses any more, and unless you have a horse you're unlikely to have a trough from which he or she can drink. "Horse trough" produces over half a million hits on Google, "horse plough" 28,000.
In other news, 'musket' is a bit obscure.
(1 year, 10 months ago)

Ha. Des Tutu. Don't think I'll forget that in a hurry either. What are those wooden tub things full of water in every western film ever? Can't quite put my finger on it.
(1 year, 10 months ago)

Haha, I have a legacy
(1 year, 10 months ago)

Good one BD - one of your best - Trough and Plough are perfectly acceptable - seen far more tenuous connections here.
(1 year, 10 months ago)

Drinking vessels for ungulates, CM?
Cheers Giggsy
(1 year, 10 months ago)

great grid- I'd never heard of Colemanballs but I'm glad I have now. I've certainly heard of ploughs, troughs, boughs, hiccoughs...
(1 year, 3 months ago)