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Cazlyn: Good quiz. Remembered the tasks of Hercules only because I love Agatha Christie. (5 months, 2 weeks ago)

John: My only complaint is that "island nations" seems a little too broad (plus the issue that's already been mentioned with the flag of Peru). (9 months ago)

Weatherwax: You're right re: the Peru flag, Devil's advocate. My mistake. No way to fix now unfortunately. (9 months ago)

Wladimirowsky: Really good. Pretty easy, just couldn't get the Hercules link 7/10 for me! (9 months ago)

Guy Incognito: Herakles should be considered a correct answer for the twelve labours of Hercules (9 months ago)

Devils advocaat: I was undone by the incorrect use of the flag of Peru in the red and white flag category. The Peru flag clearly includes green, gold and blue as well as red and white and should not be in that group. (9 months ago)

K: Excellent board! I could figure out the groups but not which items fell into them...ran out of time first! (9 months ago)