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TheDoc: Cheers, folks =]
@OSSIEP9 "There's no such thing as an honest politician" is a phrase :p (1 month ago)

Ozzy: Feedback beause its your first one, I liked it, it was easy but it made me laugh so I gave you 5 stars- like, but 2 for easy type (1 month ago)

chris: Good grid (1 month ago)

Billy Bones: Now that's how to do humour without resorting to sexism or racism. Well done! (1 month ago)

OSSIEP9: Bit harsh on a lot of MPs but it didn't detract from the Grid.
As for feedback/advice I would simply say don't be afraid of making mistakes, even if some of the more anal contributors to this site criticise you for it.......we all made mistakes at the start and some of us (ahem) still do!! (1 month ago)

lorna: Witty! Chaplin connection was hard but fair. Took me 24 seconds, so yes quite easy, maybe some more crossovers as you say, good spread of subjects. Great first attempt! (1 month ago)

TheDoc: Still fairly new to the making. Feedback appreciated. Cheers =]
(Possibly too simple? Only one major decoy) (1 month ago)