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Tom: I enjoyed this grid, including the glasses and Tarot groups. (2 months ago)

LinguaCelta: I quite liked the glasses group! And great distractions in Kermit and Grover :) The tarot one was interesting - I worked out that it was words with the first letter changed, but didn't know enough about Tarot to make that leap. My advice - if the group needs two "steps" to work out (e.g. the first letter changes and then the thematic connection), it's probably best not to require specialist knowledge in the theme. It just makes it too hard to do in the time available. (2 months ago)

wabby: very poor grid. Glasses and tarot categories are not good at all. (2 months ago)

lorna: cracker group was clever (2 months ago)

Daz: i have to say that glasses one is one if not the dumbest categories ive seen thus far...the tarot one isn't much better...sorry but this one was silly. (2 months ago)