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Omegaman: Synonyms please when they all mean the same! (1 month, 2 weeks ago)

Krista: Well I never knew a newsboy was that too-until now. But it was the only one left at that stage :-) (2 months ago)

lorna: It was quite exciting getting that near the deadline, actually- don't apologise! (2 months ago)

Christobal: Bemused obs, no you can't edit unfortunately.
Nice grid. Took me 44 seconds.
(2 months ago)

CorenM 4PM: Very good. Not too tricky and needed some general knowledge (2 months ago)

Bemused obs: Sorry Lorna, there shouldn’t have been two dandies! I realised I’d messed up just after I pressed submit, but I don’t think you can go back and edit. (2 months ago)

lorna: 2 seconds left! I knew what i was looking for but it didn't like me putting the wrong Dandy in so I had to cycle twice- that's enough exercise for one evening! (2 months ago)