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Est: Rivers and cheese weren't allowed. (1 month, 4 weeks ago)

doitallandthentherabbit: Rivers and cheese were not accepted (2 months ago)

jollycorpse: Enjoyed unraveling this one. Straightforward enough although I admit Dove is new to me. Agree with Billy below, be mindful of keywords, although it can be tricky to navigate sometimes.Thanks. (2 months ago)

Billy Bones: 2 answers in singular form were accepted, two weren't. I know we can give ourselves the points mentally, but I think grids will have happier customers in general if setters put the minimum acceptable correct answers in singular form, then players will get the point whether they give that exact answer or happen to add an 's' on the end (2 months ago)

Krista: Bit easy for a medium. Anyone else agree? (2 months ago)