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lorna: And TBH you'd get a point for putting "song" "gender" or anything like cos I try not to be stingy with points! (2 months ago)

lorna: I NEEEARLY did- but there were so many this and that, male and female crossovers available from the lily group, I couldn't resist- and I've done Pratchett before- don't want to get samey. May again one day. I used the pop groups as the initial idea came from "Ladies and Gentlemen". Yes, more quizzy than most of mine but you never know who's going to know what. (2 months ago)

Yrieithydd: Two pop music groups is skewed to pop knowledge. But liked plays and plants.

Wanted a Pratchett group with Lords and Ladies (2 months ago)

Bob a Job: Got the music groups ok and fluked the others (2 months ago)