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Joe Soap: Agree with comments - its not unique (1 month ago)

Jahn: Nice grid (1 month ago)

lorna: SF7 I think ED and BD are talking about interchangeable entries ie. non unique solutions whereas you are referring to red herrings. Red herrings are indeed intrinsic to the game but they need to only be able to travel in one direction. It's a mistake I've made myself a couple of times on grids! I enjoyed it nonetheless, a fun grid :) (1 month ago)

SF7: Electric Dreams - i think thats the point. its meant to throw you a bit. I think the category that can be followed by numbers should have a better them, there's a book, a movie, a band. There should be a theme (1 month ago)

BinDipper: Enjoyable grid but I think ED is right - not a unique solution. (1 month ago)

Electric Dreams: I liked the categories, but I think Decker, Bed and Cream can all be both single and double? (1 month ago)