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2/10 pretty good.....some of the ST clues could be tidied up though.
(5 months ago)

7/10 - Really enjoyed trying to solve this one Marmendy, the snack group outsmarted us, I do agree with Jock on that point, but it was brilliant nonetheless.
Thanks for posting and as many more as you care to compile would be welcome.
One little request, could you use 'cryptic' in your user name, for this type, as it makes them so much easier to find ty
(5 months ago)

5/10, smashing. for me the ST group wasn't far off, I would look at the sank group (is that what you refer to sooz?) thank you Marmendy
(5 months ago)

Thanks very much for the comments. I am now going to use Marmencrypt for any cryptic puzzles I submit.
(5 months ago)