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Terrific concept- I love it- one thing is I'm not sure if the LW and the W is the best fit for the group- a bit ambiguous- it was the first of the series written and it is recommended as the introductory book but chronologically the Magician's Nephew is the first of the series- I know that when I had the collection as a kid it had the number one on it. Sorry if it's a bit pedantic! Really great concept for a grid, I'd love to see more like this :)
(4 months ago)

clap clap! wd., Was a avid reader of the chronicles as a child and the introduction of Jadis gave me the willies. I ward the "contest" an honourable draw. LW &W was the first book written and Magician's Nephew first chronologically or prequel. So very enjoyable thanks
(4 months ago)