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Bayle: Kudos to you! I hadn't thghout of that! (4 years ago)

Linx: A pleilangsy rational answer. Good to hear from you. (4 years ago)

Harry: Thanks Toast all becomes clear now, did it again and made more sense to me this time (5 years ago)

Hampton Quimbles: Challenging grid. Hampton knew the name changes were key but couldn't quite Quimble the two different groups. (5 years ago)

toast: Harry, not sure which categories you mean - it depends what order you got them in. I can only think you mean the two mirror image categories, but they are not the same and are mutually exclusive. One is former names of things that are now renamed while the other is new names of things that used to be named differently. Is that OK? (5 years ago)

Harry: The last two categories are the same? (5 years ago)